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Decals offer numerous options to embellish your glass piece with gold, copper, black, platinum or even multi-coloured elements and to augment the value of the work without major cost or effort.

Get the glass ready, clean it well  and cut out the desired area of the decal. Soak the decal in water for a short while (1-3 minutes) to separate the film from the substrate paper and then slide and position it on the flat glass. Make sure you avoid air and water bubbles, dap them off with soft tissue paper. Dry well before firing in the kiln.

Best firing results at approx. 700 - 800°C.

Working in multy layers?

Decals are perfectly suited to be placed in between glass layers. To make sure the decal binder can fire off cleanly, fire the individual layers separately and then combine them in a subsequent firing.


Decals in slumped glass?

No problem. Fire the decal onto the flat glass first and then slump the piece in a subsequent firing.

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