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Creative Ceramics Moulds for Fusing, Slumping & Casting

An eye catcher for presenting snacks, amuse-bouches, sauces etc. It has a simple understated shape for small art work.

Try to fuse identical squares from two contrasting colours, total thickness 4 mm. The steep angle of this mould will reveal the bottom colour on the edge. This mould could also make a good casting mould for paperweights etc.

Recommended Firing Chart

Please Read: This firing recommendation has been calculated for use with Bullseye Glass of average viscosity with an even thickness of 4 - 6 mm. The chart shown below is also based on the assumption that you are using a top fired kiln, e.g. Paragon GL22, GL24, BVD Flat bed kilns etc. If you are using a side firing kiln you must allow more time in the first ramp.

Fire Chart


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