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For perfect cleaning AND polishing of jewellery from Art Clay, Silver, Gold, Bronze etc. Especially effective on highly textured surfaces, filligree work and rings.

Comes with 250g of polishing needles and polishing liquid (a drop of liquid detergent will also work fine).

The 'heart' of the Magnetic Finisher is the magnetic cast disk, which is made up of many powerful magnets. The alternating polarity is constantly changing, thereby allowing the media to move freely in a liquid solution that is constantly changing its make-up. This, combined with centrifugal force, allows for quiet and fast time cycles to perform perfect cleaning and polishing of the object.

The cleaning and polishing using magnetic pins is a state-of-the-art method to finish non-ferrous metals that have a high degree of intricacy of form and surface. The typical size of the pins is 0.25 x 6 mm (diam. x length). This method of finishing surfaces with magnetic pins is used primarily for jewellery and precious metals but also for procsses in the dental and medical but also in the metal-working industries.

Technical Details Modell CMF-400
Power 1/32 PS
Electricity 230V, 1 Amp
max. number of objects 8-12 pcs
Drum. Diam. 4" (= ca. 10 cm)
Timer manual up to 120 min.
Weight 7 kg



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