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Spectrum Glass

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Spectrum System 96 - COE 96

System 96® is a comprehensive line of Tested Compatible products for glass fusing, kiln casting, torchwork and glass blowing.
These products have been Expansion-Matched to a nominal C.O.E. of 96, then factory-tested for fusing compatibility. Each glass has been carefully formulated for Multi-Fire devit resistance, and every sheet is clearly marked with a Spectrum "Tested Compatible" label.

In partnership with other suppliers, Spectrum "Tested Compatible" products serve as the core of a complete Hot-Glass program called System 96®. Our friends at Uroboros Glass Studios have produced specialty glasses designed to work harmoniously with the Spectrum products.


SF = Spectrum Fusible - denominates compatibility with all other SF marked Spectrum products.

Note: Not compatible with Bullseye products

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